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Bite alarms are small devices that let us know when we’ve hooked onto a fish or are about to get a bite, the mechanism of how it all works is fairly simple, the line travels through the stand in the bite alarm which essentially causes it to go off, or on more advanced alarms the alarm is dependent on a vibration sensor rather than a roller. This means you don’t have to continuously wait by your rods which makes carp fishing much easier. Bite alarms come in many different shapes and sizes, not to mention there’s an endless list of features that carp angling companies are constantly coming out with, if you’re a novice to carp fishing it may be daunting to find the right bite alarm for you.

After having purchased quite a few bite alarms over the years we’ve definitely made our fair share of mistakes when testing and using then in general, however with that being said, bite alarms are constantly getting better and more reasonably priced which is great for us. We decided to create this article to give fellow anglers factual information about what different bite alarms do best along with an explanation of when a particular bite alarm would be useful to purchase over another. If any of that sounds interesting then stick around for a few more minutes and continue reading.

Sonik SKS Carp Fishing Bite Alarm Set (check price on Amazon)

In our opinion, the Sonik SKS bite alarms are brilliant all rounders especially when you take into consideration how much your getting for the money. When you purchase the bite alarms you’ll also receive a bivvy light, receptor, and three separate bite alarms, its evident Sonik is giving a lot of tackle all on one. Some other nifty features of these bite alarms are the excellent adjustability, silent mode, and waterproof bivvy light. Not to mention the all round quality and sturdiness of these bite alarms really stand out, it’s clear to see that Sonik has thought about every possible aspect of these bait alarms, hence why their such a brilliant option carp anglers should definitely consider.

The finishing of these alarms is also spotless, the quality coating and all round rigidity in our option make the Sonik SKS bait alarms a worthwhile purchase. We’d recommend these bite alarms to anglers of all different levels and experiences, as they work so well and are dead easy to use, you’ll know you’re relying on a quality product to indicate you of a bite. Install some good batteries and your alarms will last you years without a change. With so many sensitivity and volume adjustments available at your fingertips, you can tailor these alarms to your carp fishing.

All in all, if you’re interested in upgrading or purchasing bite alarms for the first time, the Sonik SKS alarms are well worth considering, the all round quality and value for money that comes accompanied when you purchase the product is something not worth missing out on. After using these for long sessions we have put them through the harshest of conditions from the baking midday heat to frosty mornings, after being unable to find anything concerning about the product they deservingly made it to our top bite alarms list.

NGT Carp Fishing 2pc Wireless Alarm and Transmitter Set (check price on Amazon)

The NTG bite alarm set is another excellent value for money item that offers you plenty of nice features, like with many of the companies angling products the sleek and quality design mixed with highly practical features makes these bite alarms well worth the money, the strong casing, and design all add to the longevity of the alarm ensuring you’ll be using it for years. 

The receiver is simple and easy to use, connect, and understand, this bite alarm also has a different tone and volume setting allowing you to tailor the alarm exactly to your style of fishing. This feature defiantly comes in handy when you want to know which one of your rods have had a bite or when you don’t want to wake other anglers up in the middle of the night. Not to mention the snag stopping adjustable clips of the NGT bite alarms allow for you to play it safe wherever you are, having snagged line whilst you’re into a cracking carp can be a reel bummer, small things like this which are included in the box in our opinion really make this product shine.

If you’re in the market for a pair of new brilliant bite alarms but don’t want to pay crazy amounts then consider picking up the NGT bite alarms, it’s actually surprising how good they after having compared them to bite alarms more than double their price. This again shows how much bang for your buck you’ll obtain when purchasing.

JRC Radar Cx Bite Alarm Set 3+1 (check price on Amazon)

The JRC Radar bite alarms are one of the higher end bite alarms on the list and for good reason, they are built well with solid materials and boasts a wide variety of features that you’d normally expect to see from a high-end buzzer.

Although JRC might not be the biggest brand in carp fishing, we think they’ve proven themselves time and time again to be a trusted and authoritative brand in carp fishing that we’re happy to buy from. The more established brands in carp fishing also offer similar bite alarms to JRC but for a lot more money and the small added value of ultra-premium materials and technology usually isn’t worth the massive difference in price. In terms of value for money, the Radar CX’s are bang on!

The LEDs come in various colours on the Radar CX and the volume, tone, and sensitivity can be adjusted as well. These are all very useful features as you’ll often have to change a setting like sensitivity if you’re fishing on a windy lake which could cause the Bite alarm to go off if the sensitivity is too high.

The Radar CX also has a very large range of up to 150 meters, so If you’re fishing far from the bank you’ve got no worries as it comes with a receiver as well. We’ve heard and used some really terrible bite alarms over the years which are fiddly and too quiet, fortunately, this can’t be said for the Radar CX as it comes equipped with Magneto dynamic speakers with a digital amplifier for superior sound quality and simple stepless adjustment knobs.

Another feature we really like on the JRC is the rubber inserts inside the bite alarm. There have been many times where we’ve had a screaming run and the rod is slipping and sliding all around. These rubber inserts prevent this from happening and ensure your rod remains stable when you get a take.

NEW Carp/Coarse Fishing 3pc Plus Receiver DYNAMIC Bite Alarm Set (check price on Amazon)

NGT offers an awful lot in this bite alarm set. It contains so many features that the top end bite alarms have and some that even the most expensive bite alarms don’t. The bite alarm receiver light is a perfect example, there’s nothing wrong with a standard reviver but the concept is clever and innovative as both the light and noise will probably wake you up quicker!

Quality is pretty good as we find most NGT products, at this price point we don’t expect super high-end materials and that is what you find on these bite alarms. Make no mistake, they are well built but they don’t have a premium feel when you use them as some of the high-end bite alarms do. But that is ok, at this price point you can’t complain, especially considering what NGT is bringing to the table.

The NGT dynamic bite alarms have all the standard adjustability settings like volume, tone, and more. But we’re not huge fans of the front design as it does look slightly cluttered and a bit dated but this is a personal preference, some people love it, some don’t and it has no impact on the functionality of the bite alarm. The other thing we really like about this bite alarm set is the box that they come in. You want to keep your bite alarms well protected because although they are solid, you don’t want to just chuck them in with the rest of your tackle because they could because potentially get damaged. The case ensures that the bite alarms are well protected in a case specifically designed to house them.

Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarms (check price on Amazon)

Another fantastic option when considering a new set of bite alarms, the Sonik gizmo’s are fairly priced and come packed full of useful and helpful features to make your angling experienced that bit better. Being on the more expensive side compared to others on this particular list, you’ll be getting an extremely good quality product when purchasing these bite alarms. A fantastic feature about the Sonik gizmo’s is the fact that you can choose how many you want to purchase within the carry case, however, it has the capacity to hold 4 bite alarms a bivvy light and the receiver. The bite alarm case is also good for safe storage and should prevent your alarms from being damaged.

The durability and aesthetics of the alarm are also really high, the plain but modern and sleek finishing means you’ll look the business on the bank. The adjustable bottom thread and rubber washer mean you can ensure the alarms are in the perfect place when attached to your bank stick. The sensitivity, tone, and volume can all be adjusted on these alarms from three simple toggles located on the front facing side of the alarm, further showing the sonik alarm’s practical edge.

The line arms located at the top of the alarm illuminate and are great for preventing line tangles and snags, ideal for making sure you have a good hassle free session. Despite the fact the receiver has many settings allowing you to make it perfect for your fishing it’s also small and compact so putting it in your pocket is straight forward. All in all these bite alarms are easy to use and setup making them a well worth contender for any angler who’s looking to get a serious bit of kit, with the price being as reasonable as it is, we’d defiantly recommend the Sonik Gizmo bite alarms.

Saber Z3 Wireless Bite Alarm Set 3 Alarms and Receiver + Case Carp Fishing Set (check price on Amazon)

Saber isn’t a particularly large brand in carp fishing and is relatively new to the scene, founded in 2011 they have gained recognition for providing affordable carp fishing gear. The set costs around £50 which is crazy considering that you get 3 bite alarms and a receiver. At this price point, the materials used aren’t going to be particularly high end but are still durable and there’s even a protective case included in the bundle.

We haven’t been able to find out the range on these bite alarms but most anglers who own them say they get around 20 meters of range which realistically is more than enough in most fishing situations. If you’re new to the carp fishing scene or just want to see what all the hype about bite alarms is then the saber bite alarms should help you gain that understanding and knowledge you need before moving up to a more high end set of alarms. The set is ideal if you’ve got younger children who are getting into carp fishing, the alarms are simple and easy to use, defiantly a well worth purchase if you want something cheap but reliable.


So there you have it, our top picks for bite alarms under £150, if you found this article helpful then feel free to check out some of our other content here

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