Best Carp Lakes In The UK – Top 20 Lakes

The UK is full of some fantastic lakes, full of lots of big carp. Whether you’re looking to find a new local carp lake or want to travel across the country, here are 20 of the best carp lakes throughout the UK:

Linear Fisheries

Name Location Fish Size
Linear FisheriesA map of linear fisheries7lb-40lb

Linear fisheries is an extremely popular carp fishing venue located in oxford. It’s known throughout the carp fishing industry as one of the best specimen carp lakes. Not only does it have fish up to 40lb, but it’s also heavily stocked making it perfect for day sessions. A fantastic lake to fish when getting into specific carp fishing. not only is this venue perfect for beginners but its also ideal for experienced angling looking to catch those monsters

Bluebell Lakes

Name Location Fish Size
Bluebell LakesMap of Bluebell Lakes 5lb-40lb

Bluebell lakes is another great fishery packed with lots of big carp. After visiting the lakes it’s clear to see its immense potential for being a killer carp spot. The venue consists of 5 lakes with Bluebell being the biggest in fish size and lake size. The lakes are full of lots of 20 and 30lbers, with the biggest being a dark 40lb common.

Berner’s Hall Fishery

Name Location Fish Size
Berner’s Hall FisheryMap of Berner’s Hall Fishery10lb-50lb

Berner’s Hall Fishery is full of 30lb and 40lb carp with the biggest being a 50lber. A fantastic lake for experienced anglers. The lakes are also home to some catfish over 85lb. The lake is also heavily stocked with an estimated fish count of between 600 and 700 fish.

Lavender Hall Fishery

Name Location Fish Size
Lavender Hall FisheryMap of Lavinder Hall Fishery5lb-30lb

Another popular and excellent fishery packed with tons of immaculate carp, lavender hall fishery is known all over the angling scene as one of the staples for carp anglers. The Fishery consists of 5 lakes all of which suit different anglers for their own targets and goals. Competitions are also often held which provides great publicity for the venue. Definitely worth fishing if you are into catching carp.

Farlows Lake

NameLocation Fish Size
Farlows LakeMap of Farlows Lakes5lb-40lb

With some absolutely huge carp Farlows, the lake is another fantastic carp lake that all carp anglers need to visit. The lake is packed with lots of 20s,30, and a few 40s. With a combined fish count of 1200 carp, this heavily stocked lake is definitely worth fishing.

Grenville Lake

NameLocation Fish Size
Grenville LakeMap of Grenville Lakes15lb-60lb

Grenville Lake, home to some enormous carp this lake is one of the best in the country when it comes to carp fishing. With over 200 fish all UK born and bred, it’s a special place. This family-run syndicate is set out extraordinarily well with an exclusive feel. Memberships are all carefully thought about with anglers having to attend an interview to get accepted. When carp fishing in the UK it doesn’t get better than this.

Horseshoe Lake

NameLocationFish Size
Horseshoe LakeMap of Horseshoe Lake20 lb-50lblb

Based in the South of England Horseshow lake is another amazing carp lake perfect for a holiday retreat. Its child-friendly atmosphere combined with some massive carp makes it ideal for anglers and their families. Junior memberships start at just £10 making it an affordable and desirable location.

Blythe Waters

NameLocationFish Size
Blythe WatersMap of Blythe Waters5lb-30lb+

Blythe Waters, a day ticket venue packed full of great fish. Located in the West Midlands this venue is great for quick sessions. An ideal location for beginners to get that all-important experience. Having fished all the lakes in Blyth water its heavily stocked lake ensures everyone is catching. Definitely, a lake to consider for beginners.

Sandhurst Lake

NameLocationFish Size
Sandhurst LakeMap of Sandhurst Lakes 10lb-44lb

On the smaller side, Sandhurst lake is packed with anything but small carp. The average fish caught weighs in at a hefty 26lb going all the way up to 45lb. With a carp stock of around 400 fish, it’s another no-brainer. A fantastic day ticket fishery, many anglers believe it’s a hidden gem for UK carp fishing.

Cromwell Lake

NameLocationFish Size
Cromwell LakeMap of Cromwell Lake 10lb-45lb

One of the top specimen carp lakes when it comes to fishing in the Midlands, Cromwell lake is a beautiful location. Packed full of features it’s an absolute joy to fish. This lake is ideal for experienced carp anglers. There is a lot to consider like the weedy bed and 15-foot range in depth throughout the lake. Even with these challenges, there are still many accounts of carp anglers landing plenty of fish.

Bury Hill Fishery

NameLocationFish Size
Bury Hill FisheryMap of Bury Hill Fishery5lb-40lb

Another well-maintained family-orientated fishing venue. Even though it’s not strictly a carp fishing venue, Bury Hill fishery had to be included in this list. The 4 stunning lakes on the venue are all full of healthy carp. The best one for specimen carp is Temple lake, with some absolutely stunning monsters. Not to mention all the other species this venue caters to. Everything from pike to roach. Bury Hill fishery has something for every angler and is well worth checking out if you do get the chance.

Alderwood Ponds

NameLocationFish Size
Alderwood PondsMap of Alderwood Ponds10lb-40lb

Alderwood Ponds, based in West Sussex is another family-friendly fishery that has been open for 25 years+. It’s full of big carp, perch, and roach ideal for junior fishing. An ideal day ticket water with plenty of onsight facilities, Alderwood ponds are definitely worth a visit.

Eden Meadows

NameLocationFish Size
Eden MeadowsMap of Eden Meadows10lb-55lb

Eden Meadows, An all-around excellent fishery with 3 individual lakes, of different sizes and different species. Not only does this lake tailored to a wide variety of anglers from pleasure fishermen to competitive, but it’s also very affordable. An Adult day ticket only costs £10. Would highly recommend Eden Medows to any angler fishing for Carp, Chubs, Tench, and Roach.

Churchwood Fisheries

NameLocationFish Size
Churchwood FisheriesMap of Churchwood Fisheries10lb-30lb

Churchwood Fisheries have tons of immaculate carp. Based in Essex, this fantastic day-ticket fishery is ideal for carp anglers who like fishing in quiet and tranquil locations. With three lakes all dedicated to different species and fishing styles, Churchwood fisheries has a lot going for it. With some amazing carp and catfish, we’d definitely recommend giving it a chance if you haven’t already.

Luccombe Fishery

NameLocationFish Size
Luccombe FisheryMap of Luccombe Fishery10ln-20lb

Luccombe is ideal for a fishing holiday. Being near the South Coast of Devon, it’s a great place for fishing enthusiasts to go and spend a few days. With plenty of big carp along with lots of other species, there’s something for everyone.

Blackthorn Fishery

NameLocationFish Size
Blackthorn FisheryMap of Blackthorn Fishery10lb-44lb

A Dedicated Specimen carp lake with on sight accommodation. Blackthorn fishery is a very exclusive and desirable fishery. For carp enthusiasts, this venue is probably everything you’ll want. With plenty of 20s and 30s along with a few 40s, it’s full of some amazing carp. If your looking for a serious carp fishing holiday, its definitely worth considering.

Albans Lakes

NameLocationFish Size
Albans Lakes Map of Albans Lakes 10lb-30lb

Albans consists of 3 independent lakes. Its got something for all different levels of angling and is packed with plenty of huge carp and catfish. The lakes are also priced very reasonably considering the contents and well worth the price once you see the fish you’ll be catching.

Bake Fishing Lakes

NameLocationFish Size
Bake Fishing Lakes Map of Bake Fishing Lakes 10lb-50lb

A dedicated specimen and coarse fishery, Bake fishing lakes is another quiet and secluded fishery ideal for all different levels of angling. With 8 different lakes and plenty of events hosted all year round, there are tons to choose from and take part in. Another highly-rated fishery, well worth a look.

Newbridge Lakes

NameLocationFish Size
Newbridge Lakes Map of Newbridge Lakes 10lb-30lb+

With plenty of awsome carp to fish, Newbridge lakes is another excellent option to consider when searching for carp lakes. With 2 seperate lakes on the venue both dedicated for different styles of fishng, theres something for eveyone.

Shrewley Pools

NameLocationFish Size
Shrewley Pools Map of Shrewley Pools 5lb-15lb

Shrewley pools, one of the most highley stocked lakes we’ve ever come accross. The carp dont grow to crazy sizes however theres absolutly tons of them. An ideal location for someone whos looking to get into carp fishing or just wants to go down to a lake for the afternoon and catch 10 nice sized carp. It’s really that easy. Not matter the time of year every fishing trip to this lake has always been successful.


So there you have it, our take on the top carp fishing lakes throughout the UK. Based all throughout the country there’s something for everyone. Whether your an experienced veteran or just starting out be sure to visit some of these fantastic finds in you do get the chance.

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