We’ve been carp fishing since 2009 and over the years we’ve used some of the highest and lowest end tackle you could possibly imagine. We’ve spent the last few years researching and testing products so we can recommend the best options to new anglers

These are our top tackle recommendations in 2020, click through to read the information in each category.

Tackle boxes are essential when carp fishing, the gear accumulates very fast and if you don’t keep your tackle organised, its easy to loose small bits and pieces. Our general recommendation for new anglers is the Korda super compact safe (Check price on Amazon) but there are lots of options which may suit you better.

A reel is arguably the most important bit of tackle you’ll purchase when carp fishing. We’ve spent a lot of time testing and researching reels and have complied a list of our favorite articles.

Sometimes you can go hours without a bite and watching your rod for such a long time is draining and not an effective use of time. Bite alarms handle bite indication for you.