Best tackle boxes for carp fishing

A tackle box is essential for keeping things organized and neat when fishing, with so much gear and so many things, its easy to lose tackle, get mixed up and confused. In our early fishing days, the problem of not having a good tackle box used to leave us confused and frustrated at the bank. Tying a simple rig would be difficult as all our bits and pieces were all over the place, if you’re just getting into carp fishing or want to upgrade your current tackle box, we’ll be going through our top picks in this article.

You don’t need a super fancy tackle box with 500 compartments but something substantial that has a good amount of storage space and a couple of containers will do the job nicely. It’ll ensure you know where your stuff is and reduce stress when on the bank.

In this article, we’ll be going through different tackle boxes on the market, talking about the advantages, disadvantages as well as key features hopefully giving you a better idea of what’s best for your fishing. All the information we’ll be giving you is based on personal use combined with research, now that out that way lets get into our top tackle boxes. 

Small tackle boxes

Our general recommendation: Korda Super Compact Tackle safe (Check price on Amazon)

Korda’s nifty little tackle box is a “reel” helping hand when you’re out on the bank tying up your rigs. The small compartments are perfect for your little bits and pieces making your life much easier when it comes to finding that one key component.

Even though this tackle box is small in size, it’s a great bit of kit to have especially if your keen on keeping things tidy.

However, even with all its great features, this tackle box is designed to be a small compact bit of kit, definitely not big enough for everything so bare that in mind when making a purchase. Combining this tackle box with a bigger bag, however, is a great way to ensure you have all the tackle you need on the bank.

This well built box by Korda is definitely something worth considering if you’re the type of angler that likes to stay organised and on top of your fishing. Not to mention, the built quality of this product is also excellent, with its nice carpy green colour this tackle box is a lovely bit of kit perfect for holding pieces of tackle.

Early in our fishing we continuously came into the problem of loosing important pieces of tackle, whether it was quick change beads, lead shots or hair rig stops the issue of things going missing thankfully urged us to become more organised and use smaller tackle boxes such as this one to arrange belongings in a tidy manner.

Everything on the box is obvious and easy to use, no hidden storage compartments or anything like that, it is functional and simple. Everything a tackle box should be. We’d definitely recommend this tackle box to any carp angler who wants an improved method is storing their small items of tackle.

Another great option: Rodeel 2 Trays Cantilever Fishing Tackle Box (check price on Amazon)

Snip 2020-05-06 19.04.06.png

The Rodeel tackle box is another compact carrier designed to keep your smalls bits of tackle safe and sound, its unique but effective opening mechanism allows it to store more tackle than many similar sized tackle boxes. This means carrying more stuff in a smaller space, making this product the perfect tackle box for the angler who likes to fish light. 

If your into stalking carp or float fishing a tackle box of this size is perfect for carrying all your small essentials, its got plenty of compartments for storing floats, hooks, lead, and more. 

The box is 30 cm long, comes equipped with a handle and secure locking mechanism making it a practical bit of kit to have. If your anything like us and like to fish sessions on the go then the Rodeel tackle box is something defiantly worth considering.

 Like the Korda super compact, the Rodeel tackle box comes in a carpy colour with a transparent top, allowing you to clearly see the tackle inside. The inbuilt trays allow the tackle to remain organised making your life on that bank a lot easier.

Not to mention this tackle boxes appearance stands out, the high quality materials used for its making combined with its affordable price tag are the main reason this tackle box made it into this article.

For the price of £11, we don’t believe they’re much better on the market. If your looking for a sturdy compact tackle box that is easily transported the Rodeel tackle box will do exactly that.

Another great option: Aqua Carp Fishing  Large Bitz Bits Bag (check price on Amazon) 

Snip 2020-05-06 20.05.02.png

This large aqua bits bag is a well built product designed for carrying your carp tackle, its sturdy design means it’s ideal for carrying heavier items such as leads.

This bag is the best of the best when it comes to quality, if you want a long lasting small tackle bag then the aqua bits bags are probably your best bet.

The inbuilt adjustable compartments just add to the capability of this bag, arranging your essentials in the best way for you will ensure you stay on top when fishing.

The quality of this product shines throughout all its features, the zips are rigid and well made, the tactical rubber grip which provides you with a good level of support when carrying the bag. These features are especially helpful when the bag is full of heavier tackle.

This tackle bag also comes with an inbuilt zip to store smaller things, another very useful and practical feature of the bag. All in all, if your a serious angler and want a quality bits bag the aqua tackle bag is definitely a worthwhile purchase. 

Large tackle-boxes

Like every carp angler, you’ll find that the more you fish, the more gear you buy and the space that gear needs in order to be kept. Large tackle boxes eventually are required just to keep your tackle together. They’re also very useful for holding larger pieces of tackle like reels, bite alarms, rod pods, and even boilies.

Our general recommendation: Korum Transition carryall (Check current price on Amazon)

Snip 2020-05-07 15.39.47.png

 The korum transition carryall is an excellent all-purpose bag that can hold plenty of tackle for those longer trips. Having personally used this carryall we have found it to be a perfect size, the deep pockets allow you to fit more than you may expect. 

The multiple compartments allow for a clear organization of tackle making your experience at the bank stress free. The quality of the bag is outstanding and something that we noticed straight away, the wipeable water-resistant material just adds to the overall practicality of this carryall. It’s safe to say we find this bag will hold enough tackle for 1-2 day trips.

The sturdy strap is great for carrying the bag over the shoulder, which some people find easier, if your one of those individuals we would strongly recommend the korum transition carryall. The price is also reasonable and justifiable to some when taking into consideration the quality of this bag.

Some other useful features are the tethering hooks that come with the carryall, they provide the option of attaching a net, unhooking mat, or a coat/jacket which can be really handy at times. They are well built and can take a decent amount of strain.

All in all the Korum transition carryall is an excellent piece of luggage, it holds a considerable amount of gear without being too big and heavy. Really worth considering if you’re in the market for a new fishing bag.

Another great option: TF Gear Compact Workstation (check price on Amazon)

The Tf work station is a great way to ensure you have all the tackle you need yet don’t overpack for those shorter sessions. Its extremely practical and compact design allows you to fit in plenty of gear making it all round useful tackle box to have.

The box comes with many different compartments further helping with organisation, the includes tubs and smaller tackle boxes means this is the only bit of kit you’ll have it buy, with so much included it’s a worthwhile investment when you tot up how much each item would have cost you separately.

The main compartment of the tackle box is deep perfect for carrying heavier tackle such as baits and reels. The smaller pockets, however, ensure your bits and pieces stay organised ready for when you need them on the bank. 

The folding mechanism of this tackle box shows is versatility as well as practicality in different angling situations, if your looking for an all in one tackle box then definitely consider the TF workstation. Its extensive range of features combined with its quality finishing makes it one of the ultimate larger tackle boxes.


If you’re into match fishing you might not want to even bother buying a tackle box, instead, you could just buy a match seat fishing box.

These are much more expensive than tackle boxes but a worthwhile investment if you’re going to be match fishing. They are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment and have many purposes, they also have a considerable amount of storage.

They are much better than using chairs when fishing, as often on muddy bank chairs slip and slide around but with a tackle box that has wide supportive feet, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Essentially by purchasing a match seat box, you get a seat, a tackle box, a rod holder, and more. If you think you’ll be match fishing this is defiantly our recommended choice.

Our general recommendation: TF Gear compact seat box (check price on Amazon)

This seat box is nothing short of awesome, it comes with included tackle boxes, and at roughly 90 quid its not a bad deal at all. Not to mention it is also very comfortable which is important if you’re going to be sitting hours on end fishing. For the amount of product, you get for the money it’s a bargain, defiantly worth buying this instead of a tackle box if you think you’ll be match fishing.

Where can I find tackle-boxes?

Well firstly online, you can find all the products above through the links we’ve provided and your tackle-box delivered to your doorstep. If you’d like to actually see a tackle-box in person before you buy it, you can always go to your local tackle shop or angling center.

Just google “angling center” or “angling shop” and usually a place will come up in your local area, especially if you’re in the UK. Carp is the number one game fish here! 

What to look for in a tackle-box

With carp fishing gear we usually recommend to stick with big brands that are reliable and trustworthy, think of it like buying a TV, nobody buys a no-named dodgy TV from an unknown brand as you’ll probably think it’s a cheap, low quality which it usually is!

It is worth investing the extra money for premium brands because of the reliability and service they have to offer.

However, with tackle boxes and bags where there are no complicated mechanisms or parts, you’re usually fine with an unknown cheaper product because there is so little that can go wrong.

However, unless you’ve researched that product and seen the reviews its getting, its best to go see it in person at an angling shop or just order a more expensive, branded tackle box online.

So there you have it, our take on the best tackle boxes on the market, with all of them having such affordable price tags as well as well built designs we hope these tackle box reviews gave you a better idea of what’s on the market. If you found this article feel free to check out some of our others

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