Our Angling Story

Improve Angling is a website dedicated to producing content about all things fishing. The website was originally created in October 2018 under a different name but received a complete overhaul in December 2022. The fishing industry can seem daunting at times, Improve Angling was developed to debunk this myth and allow anglers to quickly and effectively pick up fundamentals and become competent anglers.

A quick Google search for “fishing tackle” will reveal an endless selection of specialized tackle and expensive rods. But as every great angler will tell you, your skills, knowledge, and intuition are infinitely more important than the gear you carry. Our vision with Improve Angling is to build a strong online resource that is a pillar of the fishing community.

Ibraheem Mughal

My fishing journey started during my childhood after catching a bream from my local canal. Despite, the fish being a bream, I was instantly hooked and spent the next decade of my life learning all things about fishing. I fished extensively at several commercial fisheries, learning how to catch large volumes of fish before shifting my focus to wiley carp. 

As of now, I’m studying Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in building and development. While websites aren’t my particular competence, there were many parallels between building a website and construction. Therefore, I teamed up with my brother to produce this website. The ultimate resource for all things fishing.

Shueyb Mughal

My story with Improve Angling is a simple one, I think fishing can be overcomplicated these days which scares a lot of people from even trying, while in truth, its simple and therapeutic. I also believe that it’s a useful, beneficial hobby and it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive.

Our passion for fishing coupled with my background in Web Development ultimately led to us wanting to create the perfect resource for anything fishing related. As of now I’m studying Computer Science with Business BSC and applying my technical knowledge to build a website that comprehensively covers fishing without overcomplicating it.