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Level Up Your Skills With The Method Feeder

Perfect your fishing with the Method Feeder Fishing Course.

Method Feeder Fishing is one of the most effective ways to catch, hence its popularity. However, there are a handful of tricks you can implement to place you one step ahead of the competition.

We comprehensively cover the process of method feeder fishing and exactly how to be as successful as possible with this particular technique.

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As a novice angler, I took a far bit away from these lessons. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to take fishing more seriously
Bradley Stevenson
Simple and well laid out. Some interesting concepts and ideas I haven’t heard of before. Solid tactics as well.
Jonathan Gray

What’s Inside The Course

  • Lesson One: Introduction
  • Lesson Two: Starting Gear
  • Lesson Three: Understanding The Rig
  • Lesson Four: Setting Up Your Rod & Reel
  • Lesson Five: Rig Setup
  • Lesson Six: Bait Preparation & Choices
  • Lesson Seven: Locating The Fish
  • Lesson Eight: Think Seasons
  • Lesson Nine: Casting
  • Lesson Ten: Clipping Up
  • Lesson Eleven: Playing Fish
  • Lesson Tweve: Increasing Attraction
  • Lesson Thirteen: Carp Care