How to use a baiting needle

A baiting needle is a useful tool that all anglers should have in their tackle boxes. It makes threading baits on to the hair simple and effortless. When carp fishing using a hair rig is the way to go, they will ensure quality rigs that are far more effective than sliding bait on to the hook. This is because when a hair rig is used the hook is free moving giving you a much higher chance hooking a fish, the rig means the bait does not interfere with the hook which also reduces the chances of baits falling off.

When using a baiting needle for your carp fishing its important to use the correct method in order to achieve the best results. In the article, we will go through the different types of baiting needles on the market as well as a step by step guide of how to use them in different situations.

Step by step guide on how to use your baiting needle:

When using a baiting needle the general Principle is always the same, understanding this means less confusion if its your first time using one. 

Step 1: Choosing the correct needle for the bait. This is crucial if you want the best results. Our simple guidelines below (what is the right baiting needle) should have made your job somewhat easier.

Step 2: Push the needle through your preferred bait or baits making sure there is a hole going completely through the bait. The hole shouldn’t be loose enough for the needle to fall out so don’t repeat this too many times.

Step 3: Attach the end of the needle which has either a barb or a gate to the hair on your rig which should be just above the hook depending on how and where you have tied a loop in your line. If using a baiting needle with a gate, close the latch to ensure the bait will slide onto the hair smoothly.  

Step 4: Slide the bait or baits on to the hair and unlatch the batting needle from the hair. At this stage, it’s possible that the bait can fall off so secure it with a bait-stop. These are small pieces of plastic that prevent the bait from falling off the line.

When using a baiting needle on PVA sticks and bags use the same technique as your would for a hook-bait to ensure it stays secure.

What is the right baiting needle?

Choosing the right baiting needle depending on how and what are where you are fishing is key. As there is such a diverse range on the market it can be difficult to find what’s best for your fishing so here are some simple guidelines which should make your purchasing decision easier.

The different types:

Standard baiting needle: This is an all-round baiting needle that is used to thread boils on to the hair effectively. Its metal edge has a hook which is a medium size and it’s an all-purpose tool meaning it can be used to thread pop-ups, corn, tiger nuts as well as many other baits which you may use in your fishing. This tool is a lifesaver when car fishing and we highly recommend every carp angler to have at least one of these in their tackle box.

Close lip needle: Another great all-round needle, perfect for smaller PVA bags and other baits, the close lip gate ensures smooth retrieval of the needle through the bag. It also adds extra security when being used the thread other baits onto the hair.

Splicing needle: This needle is specifically designed to be ultra which allows it to be used on any sliceable leader or hook link. This is a great tool when customizing your rigs. Its ultra-thin and flexible design mean it may not work best with hard baits, this is due to the size of the needle.

Braid needle:  A strong needle with a safety barb at the tip to reduce the chances of baits splitting and hairs becoming frayed. Something to consider when using popups and fake corn.

Long needle: designed to PVA bags, this needle consists of a long and strong metal which makes going through PVA bags effortless. A great needle to have when carp fishing. The needle can also be used on mesh sticks due to its increased length allowing you to tie the perfect rigs. The close gate mechanism allows for a smooth passageway back through the bag.

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