Diawa Longbow vs Infinity

The easy answer is the Infinity DF, It’s the more powerful and expensive rod but it comes with a 200-pound price difference from the Longbow DF so is it really worth it?

In our opinion, we think the Longbow is better value for money than the Infinity DF as it offers nearly as much as the Infinity for only half the price. We think for the majority of carp anglers the Longbow will be a perfectly capable and reliable rod.

Let’s start with the cheaper of the two rods the Daiwa Longbow DF, the original longbow was discontinued by Diawa as it wasn’t very popular among anglers. Later the Longbow DF was released and it was an Instant hit with the people because Danny Fairbrass (an expert carp angler) had designed it and Diawa was able to produce a rod that performed excellently but was also very cheap. The Longbow DF looks and performs very similarly to an Infinity DF but is only a fraction of the price which is why it was so popular.

The Infinity DF, however, was incredibly successful and also was developed by Danny Fairbrass who gave Diawa his custom specifications and design, together they were able to create the Infinity DF.

Many anglers love this rod, ourselves included, and it was praised by all around by fishing fanatics for its outstanding performance and ability. However, this does come with a hefty price tag, especially for the most popular 3 ¾ lb test curve model.

Diawa Longbow DF (check price on Amazon)

The Longbow DF was made for anglers who wanted the Infinity but couldn’t afford it and at less than half the price because of this, we’d argue it’s better value for money. Danny Fairbrass ’s influence on this rod has made the Infinity DF and Longbow DF so close and even he admits he finds it hard to find the difference between the two. The Longbow DF features a Fuji reel seat and large 50mm Butt guides which help get rigs out with little to no resistance.

Also like the Infinity the Longbow DF has incredible casting capabilities and it can easily hit 100 yards +, it also features a maximum casting weight of 4 ounces which is more than enough for the majority of carp sessions.

Aesthetics wise the Longbow is amazing and very similar to the Infinity, they both feature a sleek black finish that modern anglers will love.

However the reason for the large price gap is the extra performance you get from the Infinity DF, It’s a little harder actioned and has power enabling to reach the furthest distances with ease.

Diawa Infinity DF (check price on Amazon)

With the Infinity, Diawa gave Danny Fairbrass the freedom to design the rod to his own specifications and the end result was one the best rods there is in carp fishing. When just taking into the performance and feel consideration the rod, it’s easily my favorite carp rod.

Like the Longbow DF, the Infinity DF is dripping with sleek modern finishes and the two are nearly identical in this aspect, however where the Infinity dominates is in power, the extra beefiness means its able cast further. Despite the power of this rod it still has a healthy fighting curve makes it a little less awkward and you feel you have more control.

The Infinity DF also comes in 2 lengths, a 12ft and 13ft version, the longer 13ft rod allows you get those rigs that little bit further and is preferable if your long range fishing.

But when considering value for money, In our opinion the Longbow is far superior, although the Infinity is equipped with all the best technology to maximize casting distances I personally don’t think it’s worth double the price of a Longbow DF.

To conclude you get better performance overall for the big price tag, in general, its more responsive, it has better recovery and overall is a better rod but I’d only buy one if I really needed it, otherwise, I’d stick with the cheaper option.

The X45 versions

The latest versions of the Longbow DF and Infinity DF feature the new X45 blank system and various other features such as the 4 minima guides which help reduce friction and therefore increase casting distance. The new X45 blanks are where the rod is under the most stress and pressure when casting which not only increases the life of the rod but it also means that the rod has a faster recovery and resumes its original shape almost immediately after casting.

Diawa’s incredible engineering means that both these rods cast beautifully, you can just point them in a direction and they’ll send your rigs flying hundreds of yards with ease. However, the Infinity does have more power and is harder actioned allowing it to cast further. Once you cast a Diawa rod, you won’t want to go back to anything else.

The new X45 versions of the Longbow DF and the Infinity DF bring more performance, faster recovery, and better casting.

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