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It depends mostly on what time of year you’ll be carp fishing, in the summer you’ll probably want to be wearing something light but in the winter and colder seasons, you’ll want to really wrap up. Wearing an old green t shirt and joggers is what we do in the summer, sticking to the colour green usually means you’ll be more camouflaged when stalking for carp. Not only that it makes you look and feel like a pro carp angler. In this article we will go through the best and most useful clothes for carp fishing hopefully giving you a better understanding of when/what to wear when on the bank.

Keeping warm is essential for staying motivated and comfortable enough to keep fishing, if you’d like to learn more about how to stay comfortable then check out our article How to stay warm when carp fishing 

But today we’re talking about what you should generally wear when carp fishing. We’ll be going through the best coats and waders giving you our unbiased opinions from personal use and experiences


Even on the warmest of summer days, we’d recommend anglers bring a coat when fishing. This is for two reasons, first of all, English weather is pretty much unpredictable and second, it’s much colder at night and early morning which may surprise you if you’re staying for a few nights.When buying a coat for carp fishing, you want to get something that is well insulated and warm but also quite light and not restricting, for example, you don’t want to be wearing a massive heavy snow coat when you get a run in the middle of the night. Below we will going through our favourite carp fishing coats showing of their key features, advantages and disadvantages hopefully giving your a better idea of what kind of thing would suit your fishing best.

Our general recommendation: Trakker Hexathermic Jacket (Check current price on Amazon)

The coat we recommend is the lovely, Trakker Hexatheric Jacket, we bring it on every autumn/winter session. The coat keeps you wrapped up really well but also looks great as it’s  a nice carpy green colour which blends in with the environment making it perfect for staling carp as well as doing laps of the lake without spooking the fish. This coats all round excellent built quality combined with its light weight compact design makes it one of the best carp fishing coats on the market. The hood is comfortable making it the ideal for those rainy sessions where the carp are hot on the bait, not to mention the zips are also sturdy and well made perfect for storing bits and pieces quickly. All in all this coat is great for any angler its extensive range of features made with quality materials makes it a worth while investment. If you’re in the market for an all-round coat perfect for your carp fishing, we’d seriously recommend considering the tracker Hexatheric.  We found the top feature of this coat was comfort, the coats quality finishing enables you to remain comfortable and wear it for much longer, a feature we found very helpful especially when resting at night in our Bivvy. All in all a great all round contender for best carp fishing coat.

Key features:

-Really well insulated 

-Smooth lining 

-generally a high-quality coat 

-designed to block out cold winds​

Another coat worth considering: Prologic HighGrade Thermo Jacket (Check price on Amazon)

This high-grade thermal jacket it great for those cold sessions, it protect and insulates extremely well but doesn’t compromise on comfort. The dark shades also allow you to camoflarge with the lakes surrounding perfect for observing the fish closely. This coat is awesome value, you really do get a lot for the money, you’ll notice the materials used for its construction are all very high quality making this a coat a justified purchase. The coats securing toggles around the hood and sleeves helps with protecting against any nasty winds allowing you to stand in freezing temperatures with a good level of comfort. The only downside to this coat is its can’t be worn in medium temperatures, its really only best for those cold session. If your planning on fishing through the winter, then look no further the high-grade thermo will have your covered in the harshest of conditions. As it provides such excellent resistance from the elements, this coat doesn’t just have to be used for your fishing, its, clean and simple design means its a general all round great winter coat.​

Key features:

-Packed with adjustments allowing you to get the perfect fit

-100% waterproof 

-thick insulation/lining, you’ll be warm no matter the weather

Another great option worth considering: Trakker Summit XP Jacket (Check price on Amazon)

The tracker summit XP is another excellent coat designed to withstand the harshest of weather, the features along with the build quality of the coat are outstanding. The structural integrity of the coat means the zips are sold, it protects you from the elements, and its a stylish jacket. This coat is the ultimate jacket for any serious carp angler, with this level of protection it doesn’t matter what the weather throws at you, the Trakker summit will keep you warm and dry. Similarly to the tracker hexathermic, this coat comes in a deep green carp colour making it just as good for those stalking sessions. If you’re serious about your carp fishing, this coat is defiantly something worth considering. We have to admit the practicality of this coat really shines during the session, its thick insulation and adjustable wrist straps means you can get the coat to fit perfectly for a particular session, it’s hard to explain how good this coat really is.​

Key features:

-heavy duty coat 

-excellent zips 

-protects from elements

-great quality 

-insulates you really well 

An excellent coat worth considering: TACVASEN Military Waterproof (Check price on Amazon)

This water/windproof coat is another excellent bit of clothing defiantly worth considering, this coat can be used in a wider variety of weather conditions due to its thin but well insulated lining. The coat has multiple arm and chest pockets meaning if you’re the type of angler that like carrying a few bits and bobs on your person then this coat will allow you to do exactly that. Not to mention like all our recommend carp fishing coats you can pick this up in a nice carpy green colour allowing you confidently analyse the lake without spooking the fish. The practical cuff feature ensure the wind or rain does not get inside the arms or up the length of the coat, the waterproof polyester shell means the water falls off the coat with ease, with this jacket you don’t have to worry about the rain seeping in through the shoulder seems like with many other coats. If you want an all round coat perfect for majority of your sessions then we’d defiantly recommend considering the TACVASEN military waterproof.

Key features:

-Water proof/ windproof 

-can be used in different weather conditions 

-nice carpy green colour 

-cuffed sleeves

-abundance of pockets


Waders are for those sessions where you’ll be getting into the water, we usually bring them along when fishing bigger lakes however they’re a very useful bit of kit to have if you’re a serious carp angler. In this part of the article we will be discussing what we believe are the best waders on the market as well as go through their key features and how they will impact your fishing in a real life situation. ​

Our general recommendation: FISHINGSIR Fishing Chest Waders (Check price on Amazon)

The FINSHINGSIR wader have all the key features you need form waders yet equip with an affordable price tag. They’re completely waterproof, have adjustable straps and come with an inbuilt pocket, this makes these waders a practical worth while product to invest in. Not the mention they have tough rubber boots giving you an increased level of grip when walking on the lake bed, the last thing you want in that situation would be to slip with a fish in your hands. These are an all round great wader defiantly worth considering if you want something reliable and effective but don’t fancy paying crazy amounts.

Key features

-Nice carp green colour 

-good quality 

-sturdy boots 

-increased grip 

-additional pocket for increased practicality

Another great option worth considering : Trakker N2 Chest Waders (check price on Amazon)

When it comes to waders if you want the best of the best then we recommend going for the trakker N2 chest waders, the level of comfort, support and grip they provide when on the bank is like no other. Whether you taking your pictures, walking out into the lake to cast or generally moving around in your swim these waders will give you a good level of security. We can’t stress how comfortable these waders are, when wearing them it’s easy to forget you have waders on. Another great feature of the trakker N2’s we found to be very useful was the inside pocket, its hidden away but there if you need it, we believe this kind of attention to detail is what makes this product shine. The grip on the actual boot is heavy duty and designed with quality and practicality in mind, furthermore these wader come with a drying bag allowing you to hang them up in your garage or even on the bank. The price of these is slightly higher than others on the market but personally we found they were worth the investment. 

Key features

-Excellent quality

-lightweight design

-Adjustable straps 

-sturdy boots 


-air dry bag included 

-made form comfortable material

So there you have it, a quick guide on what to wear for carp fishing. If you found this article useful then feel free to check out some of our others

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