Best Pike Fishing Rods 2023: 8 Brilliant Pike Rods

The recipe for a Pike rod is rather simple. If you’re using lures, you want a mid-sized rod with fast action, to make your lures sensitive. Whereas, if you’re using dead baits, you may want a longer rod with a more progressive action. Of course, the rod must also have enough of a backbone to absorb the harsh lunges and pulls of the Northern Pike.

However, with the vast range of fishing products available online today, its difficult to make a definitive choice. I usually recommend for new anglers visit their local tackle shop and get some personal advice when choosing a new tackle. But this isn’t always a viable option and for those who’ve already got experience fishing, buying products is ideal since you know what you’re looking for.

But regardless of how you choose to purchase your tackle, below we’ve compiled a list of our favourite pike fishing rods along with a thorough explanation of the products along with comprehensive reasoning as to why they are deserving to be considered the best:

Fishing RodPrice
Fox Rage Warrior Pike Cast Fishing Rods Check Current Price
Fox Rage Predator Warrior Deadbait Fishing Rod 12ft Check Current Price
Abu Garcia Beast X Pike Deadbait Rod Check Current Price
Fox Rage Predator Elite Boat Fishing Rod 10ft Check Current Price
Korum Snapper Cult Deadbait Fishing RodCheck Current Price
Daiwa Black Widow Deadbait Fishing Rod Check Current Price
Abu Garcia – Diplomat X Spinning RodCheck Current Price
Drennan E-SOX Piker Bait Fishing RodCheck Current Price

Fox Rage Warrior Pike Cast Fishing Rod

For me what really makes an exceptional lure rod is its weight and maneuverability. It needs to feel effortless but purposeful. This is really hard for a lot of manufacturers to get right but Fox has done a job well with their Rage Cast Rods. At 7.4 feet, it is the perfect size for lure fishing, I don’t love having a longer rod than this when lure fishing. Often I find the extra length just makes it more cumbersome and I rarely need the extra power from a longer rod.

These rods allow you to fish aggressively and consistently. The fast action also gives a great sense of precision and makes your lures sensitive to small inputs. Its rather like a great sports car, its well balanced, taut, and effortless to use.


  • Strong Backbone
  • Perfect For Medium-Large Lures
  • Fast Action
  • Reactive
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Rod Trigger For Baitcaster Functionality
  • Works With Both Baitcaster & Spinning Reels


  • Can’t Fish With Deadbaits
  • Not Ideal For Distance Casting
  • Slightly Too Powerful For Very Small Lures

Fox Rage Predator Warrior Deadbait Fishing Rod 12ft

Lure fishing is my preferred method when catching Pike but I’ve found that dead baits can actually be more productive in terms of producing bites, particularly in the winter. Hence why the dead bait iteration of the Fox Rage is listed second on our list. While these two rods belong in the same range, they couldn’t be more different from each other.

The dead bait rod is much less twitchy and sensitive to small inputs because of the slower action. However, it is much more capable in terms of casting. While it is an “entry-level” rod it is very capable and will cater to the needs of the majority of Pike anglers. The deadbeat Rage comes in two test curves, a 2.75lb variant, and a 3.25lb variant. The 2.75 is good for smaller Pike and Zander but frankly, its a little underpowered for bigger fish.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Excellent Casting Ability
  • Ideal For Those Who Fish At Larger Lakes
  • Strong Backbone


  • Doesn’t Have Functionality For Baitcaster Reels
  • The Extra Length Makes The Rod More Cumbersome

Abu Garcia Beast X Pike Deadbait Rod

Abu Garcia has established itself as one of the elite brands for predator fishing all around the world. While its supremely popular in the United States, it isn’t nearly as well-known in Europe and the United Kingdom. I suspect this is because the primary target species in the UK is carp, whereas in the USA predatory fish like Bass, Perch, & Muskellunge are targeted much more.

Regardless, the Beast X Pike Deadbait range comprehensively covers dead bait fishing for Pike. When fishing with dead baits, you want a rod that can cast at the range but delivers the bait softly since dead baits often fall off easily even if you’re using treble hooks, etc. To combat this issue, Abu Garcia has fitted this rod with full & progressive action. This means that it can deliver the dead bait at range without worry of it tearing off or deteriorating on impact.

The rod also features a strong and durable backbone with power reserves at the bottom of the blanks. This means it comfortably absorbs the punishment from the harsh lunges of even the largest Pike.


  • Impeccable Quality & Finesse From Abu Garcia
  • Ideal For Distance Casting
  • Throws Soft Baits Well
  • Progressive Action
  • Durable


  • Some Of The Sensitivity During Fights Is lost Because Of The Progressive Action

Fox Rage Predator Elite Boat Fishing Rod 10ft

This is simply an “Elite” iteration of the Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Rod. But as the name suggests, it is specifically designed for boat fishing. The rod is inherently less powerful than the conventional rod but because it is shorter, it allows you to exert more pressure on the fish at close quarters.

Whenever I’m fishing from a boat I prefer a shorter rod. If I was using a lure rod, I’d want a 6-8ft rod. However, since this is a dead bait rod, you can afford to have the extra length since it isn’t as nearly as active. At 10 feet, the rod is perfectly sized for boat fishing and most carp anglers will already be well-acquainted with the rod size. It’s very easy to get used to the length and it allows you to apply lots of pressure from all angles.


  • Perfect For Boat Fishing
  • Works Excellently With Soft Deadbaits
  • Can Be Used From Land As Well
  • Versatile


  • Not As Powerful As Longer Conventional Deadbait Rods

Korum Snapper Cult Deadbait Fishing Rod

I think one of the significant issues people have with dead bait rods, particularly in Europe, is they often feel that they are simply rebranded versions of carp fishing rods with the word “predator” painted on the side. However, with this rod, Korum is adamant that the rod has been fundamentally constructed for predator fishing.

There is absolutely a sense of purpose with this rod. It doesn’t feel like a rebranded carp rod, however, it’s rather obviously derived from one. However, I don’t think that’s inherently a bad thing. Korum makes some of the best carp fishing rods and with the right adjustments, they’ve made an excellent pike fishing rod. This rod is ideal for casting heavy dead baits, like Mackeral, at long distances. The other thing that makes this rod great for Pike fishing is the power, it has a very strong backbone and plenty of punch.

Pike are very tenacious fighters, they apply lots of pressure and often dart around the water trying to break free. This rod has enough power to resist the sharp lunges of the largest Pike comfortably.


  • Excellent For Long Range Fishing
  • Absorbs Harsh Lunges Well
  • Powerful With Fast Action


  • Not Good For Lure Fishing

Daiwa Black Widow Deadbait Fishing Rod

I think most people will recognize this rod from the carp fishing industry. The Black Widow range has become incredibly popular over the last few years and for good reason. Black Widow products are high-quality, effective products that are marketed as “entry-level” rods. I’ve only had good experiences with the Black Widow range and the “Deadbait” iteration is just as good as the carp rods.

It comes in a couple of models but I’d recommend the 12ft rod with a 3lb test curve for most anglers. The 11ft rod has a 2.75lb test curve which is perfect for Zander and smaller Pike but I’d feel much more comfortable putting pressure on large Pike with the bigger, stronger, rod.


  • Derived From One Of The Most Popular Carp Fishing Rods In Europe
  • Reasonably Priced & Affordable


  • The Smaller Rod In The Range Is Slightly Underpowered For Big Pike

Abu Garcia – Diplomat X Spinning Rod

Abu Garcia is really known for their spinning rods. They make some of the best Bass & Perch fishing rods in the world and they’ve established themselves as an industry titan when it comes to luring fishing. The Diplomat X is a highly diverse spinning rod that comes in a wide variety of lengths and specifications which is what makes it ideal for Pike fishing.

You can select a rod that is tailored to your style and the size of fish you intend on catching. I would always go for the shorter 8-foot variant with a casting weight of 30-100 grams. However, if you think you’ll be targetted smaller Pike or any smaller predatory fish for that matter, Abu Garcia offers several other models that cater to that as well. However, with this size and casting weight, you have a versatile setup that allows you to fish with a large variety of lures and absorb the harshest lunges from big Pike.


  • Large Variety To Choose From
  • Established Brand
  • Versatile
  • Fast Action


  • Some Of The Rods In The Range Aren’t Well Suited To Large Predators

Drennan E-SOX Piker Bait Fishing Rod

The Drennan E-Sox is one of the more expensive rods on this list and for good reason. It features premium materials and technology to make a highly competent rod from the bank. It uses high-modulus carbon blanks, 3K Woven graphite overwrap, & 40mm Twin leg SiC guides. This technology makes it incredibly capable of casting and setting hooks at long range, albeit it makes it considerably more expensive.

This is a great rod from a superb brand, however, unless you’re rather serious about your Pike fishing and need often fish at long range, then this isn’t ideal from a purely fiscal standpoint. I think that you can get away with spending much less for a comparable product that will get results with slightly less finesse and more effort. More experienced anglers may really benefit from the extra ability of the rod as they’ll be able to extract distance accurately. However, using the concept of diminishing returns, I struggle to see how its justifiable for novice anglers to spend this much on a fishing rod. But regardless, its a superb rod and if money is no object, go for it!


  • Progressive Action Is Ideal For Long Range & Makes Fishing Both Large And Small Pike Enjoyable
  • Plenty Of Power For Casting Large Soft Deadbaits
  • Premium Finish With Excellent Materials Used Throughout


  • On The More Expensive Side

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