Big-pit reels vs Freespool reels

For many carp anglers, it can be difficult to decide whether to get a big-pit or free-spool reel. In this article, we’re going to be breaking down their functions and prod and cons so hopefully, you can have a better idea on what reel suits you

What is a Big-pit reel?

Derived from far casting sea fishing reels, big pits are designed for sending rigs far out into the lake. The bigger the spool means better line lay as the oscillation on the spool moving up and down is slower.

This type of reel is usually better for carp anglers who are planning to spend multiple nights on the bank and are hunting for that one monster size carp. Some big pits also feature a free spool system which allows the drag to slacken and line to be stripped from the spool very easily.

Big pit reels as the name suggests are larger than regular fishing reels and are designed to withstand a lot of pressure, this is especially useful when trying to reel in big carp. The increased size means the angler can focus more on playing the fish correctly rather than worrying if their equipment is going to be damaged.

Most top carp anglers use of set-up of three big pit reels when on a fishing trip, however, big bits can get fairly expensive so it may be a waste of money for an angler who is not often at the bank.

 The weight and sturdiness of big pit reels is like no other however this does mean that they can be uncomfortably heavy to hold for long periods of time, an example of when this could happen could be when spoding but then you could argue that because bit pit reels have much better line retrieval than other reels it wouldn’t make that much of a difference if the angler is getting the spod back to the bank very quickly.

Bit pits also have double or triple the line capacity of other reels on the market giving you no shortage of line and a stronger base when reeling the line back in.

What’s a free spool reel?

A free spool reel is where the spool can run without any pressure on the line. These types of reels are very effective when fishing for small fish, as even the movement of the very smallest fish will strip your line.

Free spool reels can still be used for carp fishing as there is a switch which allows you to stop line getting stripped with little to no pressure.

However if fishing for big carp it’s a better idea to use a big pit reel instead of free-spool or bait runner as there is a large difference in the size and the strength of the reel which is very important when fighting a fish.

Free spool reels are great reels if you’re just started fishing as they allow you to understand and learn the basics of how to use a reel and will give you good practice when playing fish due to the sensitivity.

If however the venue where you are fishing generally have smaller carp then free spool reels will also be perfect for the job.

The drag function on most free spool reels is usually very adjustable and allow you to make precise changes to the spool.

Generally, free spool reels can handle good size carp but if a large pressure is applied on certain reels could lead to issues with that reel, an example could be that a lag might appear when you turn the handle of the reel.

This is definitely not what you want especially when playing a fish hence why it so important to have the correct gear when fishing for different sizes of fish.

A good quality free spool reel can be picked up for a reasonable price making it more cost effective as well as practical when fishing.

Big-pit Freespool

Advantages of big pit reel:

Advantages of free spool reels:
1.      Big pit reels are big as the name suggests and are capable of pulling in those monster carp that everyone wants to catch.
They make fighting larger fish much easier 
1.      Free spool reels are perfect for learning how to fish. They provide a simple way for novice carp anglers to gain important skills which will inevitably help them to become a better angler.
They are usually more sensitive which helps novice angler predict when they have a fish on.
2.      The capacity of bit pit reels are very good, meaning they can hold tons of line, in fact, they hold double or even triple what other reels on the market can hold.

The big spool meaning better line lay making pulling in line effortless. This is helpful when you a spoding or repeatedly casting out into the water.
2.      The price of free spools reels are very affordable therefore they do not restrict anglers who are trying to fish on a budget.
3.      Bit pit reels originate from far casting sea fishing reels which basically means the reel can cast the rig far out into the water, this is especially when fishing on a big lake.3.      They are versatile so you can fish in different styles without the reel causing any issues in your fishing or limiting what you can do making them even more practical and worth the money.
Disadvantages of Big pit reels:
Disadvantages of free spool reels
1.      Big pit reels can become very pricy so are not accessible for every angler which is a big drawback.
1.      Can be damaged if you hook big fish as the mechanisms in some free spool reels is delicate and only built for pulling in small fish. Not the best reel to use if you are aiming to land big carp.
2.      Some big pits are very heavy so are not practice to hold for long periods of time on the bank.
2.      Sometimes they sensitivity can be too much, this may annoy some anglers as they may be constantly striking with the rod even if there is no fish on the end of the line.

3.      Lack sensitivity so is quite limited to only a certain style of fishing.

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